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Podcasts of Waterdeep

Episode Summary

Godsfall DM Aram Vartian leads an all-star cast through the epic finale of Wizard of the Coast's Podcast of Waterdeep

Episode Notes

A rag-tag team of heroes face off against Jarlaxle and his Bregan D'aerthe followers as he rushes to escape Waterdeep after securing the three keys. Staring Celeste Conowitch, Holly Conrad, Matthew Lillard, Josh Perault, Lauren Urban and DM Aram Vartian. Here's a brief recap of what's happened so far: A huge hoard of gold dragon coins was hidden in a vault somewhere in the city and every powerful figure in Waterdeep is trying to get it first. The Vault was discovered under Baubles and Such, a storefront by the Moonsphere near the Dancing Court, but before adventurers representing The Open Lord of Waterdeep, Laeral Silverhand could open it, Jarlaxle and Bregan D'aerthe with the help of Madame Benedicta, stop the adventurers and steal the keys. If Jarlaxle is able to escape Waterdeep with the keys, there is no knowing what he could accomplish with them and the massive amount of gold to which they provide access.

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